It all started with a hobby turned into a profession and now a life, my aim has always been to create the “unusual from the usual”. I feel images are all around us..its for us to find them…for me it’s the emotional connection first that I look for.

I Am Very Tired

Madrid- the city that never sleeps.

Being aware of the fact that the night life in the city was a lot about the energy,people, parties and a culture where people loved being awake till late hours catching up for drinks and dinner, i saw myself observing the energy and looking for a contrast at the same time.The project speaks about my interpretation of the night through traces i found at various odd hours. Things which have been left, lost, found and captured.The idea has been to explore night through my own little experiences as i walked down the bylanes of Madrid in the dead of cold nights, keeping my title as a metaphor. “I Am Very Tired” is a body of work where i have been in search of situations, actions, objects and myself.


I Am Alive

For me Madrid…is all about color, life, energy and happiness! Even on a normal day everyone seems to be celebrating… there is so much energy.. so much life in everything and everyone. From the shopkeepers to artists on the streets.. from tourists looking at monuments.. to people coming back from work or universities.. there is a sense of happiness.. its like the city never gets tired. The day to day life never takes a toll on anyone.. the city lives…all day and night. The city gave me a certain kind of energy to make pictures all the observe and absorb as much as I could of the city/culture but this time during the day unlike my series I Am Very Tired.